How to travel from hanoi to cat ba island

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To reach Cat ba National park in Cat Ba Island from hanoi, how to get to cat ba island from hanoi airport ?

We highly recommend you If traveling by coach/long shuttle to Cat Ba, the simplest and shortest way is getting on a Good Morning Cat Ba bus from Hanoi to Cat Ba about 3,5 hours.

Besides, travelers can get by Hoang Long bus from Gia Lam bus station or Nuoc Ngam bus station, get there about 5 hours to cat ba island and lan ha bay.  Speed boat at Ben Binh tourist wharf, after getting off the bus at Lac Long Bridge.

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The Cat ba Island is situated on a hillside and is encircled by a forest. Tom Daley who has had great turn outs for his workshops and performances in the Lowell area will be facilitating his popular poetry writing workshop with Lexington Community Education (only about a 20 – 30 minute drive from Lowell). This video combines trail footage with fly-thru animations to orient you to the Corridor Trails in the Grand Canyon – the Bright Angel and the South and North Kaibab. It wasn’t all that long ago that the only condors left were in captivity, and there were few of those – 22 individuals in 1982. After several moments spent looking up into the branches of a tree, I caught a glimpse of the insect making the sound – a winged critter that looks like a ciccada.

This is not only because the island has a high number of different ecosystem and habitat types, but also because it possesses a great variety of plant and animal species, many of which, like the Golden-headed Langur, are now rare and endangered. In Vietnam’s Biodiversity Action Plan, Cat Ba National Park is listed in the highest category regarding its value for biodiversity conservation. Roughly 13,000 inhabitants live on the island and 4,000 more live on floating fishing villages off the coast.

The large majority of the population can be found in Cat Ba Town which is located at the southern tip of the Island and is the commercial center on the Island. Book the Best Cat Ba Accommodation There are alot of hotel in Cat ba town, ex:  Ciao Cat Ba Hotel, Sea Pearl Hotel, Cat ba beach resort …

Those from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island can travel on Tuan Chau Ferry running to Gia Luan pier. There is another way to save time for those who want to visit Cat Ba after Halong Bay tours. Thus, there is no chance to reach Cat Ba Island after 15:00 every day from Halong Bay by boat.

How to travel from hanoi to cat ba island
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