Men’s Fashion Leather Belts With Popular

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Men’s Fashion Leather Belts With Popular

Leather belts are one of the accessories is the preferred him to highlight his style. A leather belt with different designs will bring different aesthetic effect. Guys tend to type this accessory by leather belts often bring impression of strength, masculinity and style ceiling. However, not all skin types are the same in design, durability and beauty

Today the social development needs of human beauty also increasing, not only individual women that even men list also pays great attention to this point. These accessories come together outfit down the street or go to their office will make him look dashing and attractive than ever, typical leather belt men’s indispensable.

Therefore, to grasp the trend of fashion and how to choose the appropriate type of leather for belts to fit is extremely important. Let’s find out trends SSD choices fashion leather belts and style standards of the men in 2016

  1. cow leather belts

The quality of the belts is a factor that needs to be discussed most: Cowhide is a popular choice to make belts for soft and flexible features. Please bending the waist to ensure that it is not broken or fractured started. A great way to try different, it’s just a very slight scratch on the back of the waist by nails. If there is a blurred line appears, the belt that is still soft and fresh. If the old skin is hard and your nails will have the feeling of being rejected. Features of cowhide waistband is elastic, so cool and special grade of tiny beautiful skin. Many users or confuse cowhide and buffalo leather. So, most likely the belt you are either buffalo leather. Leather belts cow leather belts soft buffalo, they often have small pores and ridges clearer.


cow leather belts

  1. goat leather belts

Almost all leather belts are sold on the market today, both in regular stores, or stores specializing in menswear, which is made from goat skin belts. Although coverage is strong but goat leather belts seem completely lost his cool. Actually, goatskin has the advantages undeniable. From goatskin, manufacturers can give birth to the waist with very different styles, from smooth belts, belts the ball to the wide and thick for casual dress.


goat leather belts

  1. ostrich leather belts

This material gives the belt a unique beauty. Ostrich skin, even after hard boiled, often quite rough (due to pores of very large ostrich). Previously, when the ostrich is not common, a leather belt genuine ostrich typically cost a few hundred dollars. Now though was cheaper, but you’ll have to spend a significant amount. Generally, ostrich leather belt is not for everyone, not only because of its price. Use only if you are confident that the costumes and their accessories really perfect.

For men, leather belts leather belts in general and in particular ostrich is an essential accessory. Ostrich leather belts fit all styles from casual to office, carefree elegance to it will create attractive accents.

da dieu

ostrich leather belts

  1. Belts of leather lizard, snakeskin, crocodile

The design is simple and refined, but mixed with crocodile leather material makes elegance and class, for you it’s stylish, fascinating in the party or bring large-scale conferences. Beautifully crafted with the natural ridge on the skin surface. Alloy surface advanced courses is an important point as pop up the real value of the belt. Soft leather material, not broken or bent peeling over time, will make you comfortable in every movement.

Owning a crocodile leather belt is no longer a difficult thing, but owns crocodile leather belt luxury whole back many times over. Crocodile belts have long been seen as a luxury gift, a luxury commodity makes the luxury, noble to the user.


crocodile leather belts

Typically there is a crocodile leather belts whole. A crocodile can only do one or two strings so and its price nearly double than the usual crocodile belts. No need to say much about the luxury and elegance that the belts of this type can give you. In addition, the crocodile can do all kinds of other fashion apparel such as crocodile leather wallets, crocodile leather bags

Come to the first SSD to select crocodile leather belt of quality and the most fashionable!

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Men’s Fashion Leather Belts With Popular
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