The reason why I like Vietnam travel

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1. Street food

Many newspapers have acclaimed this Asia country on its tasty culinary.The street foodstuff of Vietnam is undoubtedly appetizing, such as Vietnamese broken rice, pho, fresh spring rolls.The technique to make food is pretty starlingly easy, sometime they simply just combine all the ingredients all together and after that a flavoury dinner is all ready!Wandering along Vietnamese streets, you will definitely bump into street food stalls almost everywhere.It’s is definitely a lovely experience to try Vietnamese food stuff on the cheap stools in some narrow corners.

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2. Cross the road
Probably the most vital technique you have to know in case obtain holiday packages in Vietnam is the technique to pass the street.Resulting from the wide-using of motorcycle, the lanes in Vietnam is crowded with two-wheel motorcycles which might hardly anticipate their direction.The recommendation to cross the road in Vietnam is actually to steadily walk through the stream of motor vehicles. You should never suddenly run through the traffict, it truly is dangerous.The traffict will definitely move around you, for this reason don’t stress to muchI am fond of the feeling when I have successfully reach the other side of the road. It makes me feel I have won some difficult game!

3. Coffee
It would be a great loss if you are on Vietnam vacation package.As the 2nd major coffee supplier in the world, Vietnam is the heaven of coffee.That is definitely the key reason why it truly is a big loss in case you go to Vietnam without trying the flavor of “original coffee”.Vietnamese usually blend sweeten condense milk to coffee to make it more tasty. To get the most desirable taste of Vietnam coffee, you should drink in Highland coffee shop.It’s pleasant to relax in the coffee store of Vietnam, tasting a hot cup of coffee while watching the everyday life of local people.

4. Halong bay
Halong means “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. Insightful name, and appealing destination too.Halong is indeed standing-out as well as well-preserved that it is recognized to be considered to be one of a herritage site around the world.I believe that the amazing landscape in Halong will surely make you wow with astonishing.In Halong you are able to find many huge limestone islands.Limestone karsts and isles are shaped with numerous different sizes and forms.An advice for you is to avoid public holiday and peak time when taking a trip here.

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are filled with vigorous songs together with activities.Everyday, as the day starts or in the sunset, you could see a crowd of people performing exercises or dancing together beside the lake.You may as well see people walking and also running in the park.Despite that I am a foreigner, I however find these types of activities attractive.Feel free to become a member of those exercise routines if you think you want, Vietnamese always welcome you.

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The reason why I like Vietnam travel
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