Sheet applications aluminum

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Sheet applications aluminum :

-Op Facades of buildings, office buildings, residential.

Decorative ceiling soundproof cooling, cooling, fire protection.

– Interior and exterior construction projects.

– Design and construction of the poster, backdrop, signs showroom, restaurant,

– Decorated bodywork, hull, chassis, elevator, Petrol, shelters, Arches, roof lounge, technical box DOORS.
aluminum construction plastic sheet:

-Time plate construction fast, clean and less troublesome, especially the construction of inserts in the city. Suitable and effective for large projects but also residential applications as this is pretty or anonymous fashion material.


For facing by aluminum range:

+ Survey wall surface.

+ Check the certainty of the position tiles.

+ Prepare metal bones, spears.

+ Tapes and auxiliary materials such as nails, bolts, screws.

+ Aluminum plate in different colors and thickness.

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1. Distinguish aluminum plate and aluminum

Aluminum ceiling panels:

Aluminum ceiling panels are currently Consultant architectural design, construction and the professional choice because offers complete beauty of modern architecture, and the rigor of the classical definition. But light aluminum plastic ceiling panels, luxurious, quite suitable for many styles of interior design.

Aluminum plate are lightweight than steel and other materials. Aluminum plate with 1/2 gravity only by the weight of homogeneous aluminum plate, with a thickness that is equivalent hardness. Therefore, lightweight composite panels, easy installation, construction such as bending, bending angles, cutting, slitting, …

Other features, is corrosion-resistant and able to adapt to the weather; withstand impact by 80oC temperatures from -50 oC to.
Exam bent aluminum, aluminum op tuong

Professional construction aluminum plate

Aluminium alloy plates, capable of better thermal conductivity 3 times compared with steel material. Aluminum composite panels (aluminum composite panels) are 4 mm thick (there are 3-6 mm) are assembled by 2 aluminum layer anticorrosion, each 0.5 mm thick aluminum layer, the central core of polyethylene – a plastic 3 mm thick fireproof.